RAD Expo: National Retail & Dispensary Expo - Portland, OR


The RAD Expo is going to be a great event for cannabis retailers. This event isn't like many of the other trade shows out there that dispensary owners have stoped attending because they cost too much; have a hodgepodge of vendors; allow in the general public; lack focus; and have the same old speakers talk about the same tired subjects.

RAD Expo is different - It is businesses only and 100% focused on the retail side of the industry.

Attendance is FREE for licensed retail stores and dispensaries, as well as qualified applicants in states not yet issuing licenses.  All exhibitors will have products and services aimed at making retailers more profitable. It’s a national show featuring businesses from all over the U.S.

If you are not retailer and/or want to be an Exhibitor then ORCA has some great news, the RAD Expo is giving ORCA Members a 40% discount off of Exhibitor booths - Exhibitor Registration (ORCA Members use the code "ORCA40" to get your exhibitor discount today!)

Located at Portland's Oregon Convention Center the conference is squarely in the middle of the biggest legal marijuana market in the world, (60 million consumers in California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska).


The RAD Expo will feature retail-specific exhibitors, including: POS sales products, shelving, display cases, accessories, food, drinks, refrigerators, programming consultants, packaging, POP displays, legal, accounting, CBD products, medical products, and just about everything and anything a retail store owner or dispensary will need to set up a store, or would want to sell. 

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EXHIBIORS - Businesses serving retailers including branding & marketing, POS, inventory management, security, merchandising, tech and software, displays, accounting, lighting, design, food and drink,  and everything in between.


(ORCA members use Discount Code "ORCA40")

RETAILERS and dispensary owners from around the U.S. can find everything they need to operate in one organized, professional environment.



THE FARMERS MARKET will give licensed cannabis cultivators the opportunity to network with retailers and create lasting business partnerships. 





January 17, 2018 at 10am - January 19, 2018
Oregon Convention Center

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