ORCA Accomplishments

"ORCA helped stop my business from closing when the state unfairly denied our license renewal, and fought back against local rules that could have shut us down" 
Jeff Schlageter, Owner - Oregon's Herbal Remedies, Veneta, OR

  • Early Recreational Sales, which allowed medical marijuana dispensaries to sell limited amounts of flower to all adult-use consumers 21+ [SB 460, 2015]
  • Expanded Early Sales, allowing the sale of edibles, extracts, and topical products to adult-use consumers beginning in June of 2016 [SB 1511, 2016]
  • Grandfathering of licensed dispensaries when schools move within 1000 ft of the location at which they are already licensed [HB 3400, 2015]
  • Won state-level tax deductions for business expenses that would normally be allowed if not for Section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code [HB 4014, 2016]
  • Exempted medical marijuana patients from having to pay sales taxes for purchases of marijuana for medicinal use through OLCC stores [SB 1601, 2016]
  • Fought for lower taxes for consumers, lower fees for OLCC applicants, and to remove the unworkable tonnage taxes at the wholesale level [HB 2041, 2015]
  • Fought to increase access to basic banking services for marijuana related businesses by exempting financial institutions from penalties [HB 4094, 2016]
  • Successfully fought several local ordinances, unfair regulations, and needless red tape [2015, 2016, on-going]

And so much more!


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